About RVIS (Residual Variation Intolerance Score) is a gene score based module intended to help in the interpretation of human sequence data.

News We now provide a revised RVIS gene score (unpublished) based on the recently released ExAC sequencing data. The ExAC data can be found at (exac.broadinstitute.org).

Examples - Gene: SCN1A, Gene list: SCN1A, ATP1A3, HLA-A, MTOR, MUC5B (comma delimited), All.Gene


Click Here to download the full list of CCDS Release 9 RVIS gene score. Please cite doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1003709

Click Here to download novel unpublished RVIS gene score based on ExAC sequencing data release (accessed: January 13th 2015 [updated scores for release0.3]).

Pipelines known to incorporate RVIS